UK e-commerce in numbers

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It certainly seems the great British high street is under siege as every year the e-commerce sector experiences massive double-digit growth. It is now the dominant medium through which people buy goods.

For consumers, buying online and having goods delivered strips out the time and effort of shopping in the ‘real world’. For ‘e-tailers’, the costs can be lower and the process of getting goods to market far more efficient.

Operating a physical shop space can be expensive, however website running costs are very affordable by comparison. With the right marketing in place, an e-commerce website can pick up customers across the world, while a walk-in shop often relies on local footfall for business.

Selling in the digital space is evolving rapidly and new products and services for retailers are being launched all the time.

Here are some figures recently published:

  1. 32 million Brits used the internet to buy goods or services in 2011
  2. This 66% (two-thirds) of the adult population, up from 62% in 2010
  3. Clothing and sports goods were the most popular online purchases last year
  4. Half of female internet users bought clothes online last year
  5. Music and film is the second most popular purchase with 40% of users buying

Source:  Office for National Statistics

  1. The UK online retail market is worth £77bn in 2012
  2. This year 20% of online purchases are being made on mobile devices
  3. During peak Christmas shopping weeks online retailers will make nearly £5bn
  4. The cost of failed deliveries is £851m a year

Source: Interactive Media in Retail Group

It certainly seems the great British high street is under siege as consumers can get a much greater choice, find exactly what they need, be able to easily do price comparisons, save money, and get products delivered to their door with ease.

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