So what exactly is Touch?

Touch is the name given to our complete professional solution (the "Touch Solution") that is both the online e-commerce store and the Content Management System (CMS) but we generally use the word "Touch" to refer to the CMS.

Can Touch work for us?

Touch is what we call an Enterprise solution and that it normally fits within the requirements of an online retailer who has experienced growth with online selling for the past few years but now needs to have a solution in place that can deal with future sales growth, on-going requirements, a warehouse of thousands of products and multiple staff dealing with product entry and order processing.

Recently we have started to offer a Touch solution to start-ups and medium size companies whose requirements may not be as extensive as needing the complete Touch system. We are pleased to now offer a choice of two levels of enterprise solutions which can be seen on the pricing page.

What makes Touch different?

Touch is not just a website and ordering system but a complete end-to-end solution dealing with all aspects of running a large retail store. This includes stock control, invoicing, returns, reporting to telephone ordering dealt with by multiple staff. The Touch solution can either be used as a complete entity or perhaps you may want to use only certain aspects of the system as you already have processes in place.

Touch does come with an array of features dependant upon your Enterprise level but additional bolt-on modules and new modules based on your own specific requirements can be implemented at any point in the future.

Is the Touch CMS easy to use?

With over 10 years experience in the e-commerce sector, we realise that all levels of staff need access to a stores management system. We are proud to have developed what we call a "Next Generation" CMS.

Touch CMS is a "touch-screen" optimised solution that relies heavily on the dragging and dropping approach to manipulate products and orders. The utilisation of a touch-screen is not a requirement and a standard monitor can sometimes be more efficient dependant on the task, however certain processes may be of benefit to warehouse staff who can select order pick lists and print off without the need of a keyboard but just a touch-screen mounted on a wall.

What after sales care do you provide?

As a small agency we offer big aftercare as the majority of our ongoing work consists of functionality upgrades to current clients. We have a very good working relationship with all our clients who we speak to almost daily.

From answering quick technical questions to providing quotes on new functionality, we pride ourselves on being there for you rather than providing you with a solution and walking away.

How long does a Touch solution take to build?

From past experience we would say 6-8 weeks for the enterprise solution. This process starts of course with a meeting and then with the initial design concepts. Once the design concepts have been agreed then we start to integrate the Touch e-commerce modules into the design look and feel. If we all work as a team and are available to speak to regulary then the build of a solution can happen fairly quickly.

Two things tend to slow down the process. One is the entry or import of product data from your current system. We can of course import data and you have access to the Touch CMS early on in the project to start manipulating product data, but this data may need to be altered slightly or have other images or documents attached. So depending on how many products you have, this tends to slow the launch of the online store. Secondly is the set-up of a merchant account if you do not already have one. All online payment transactions need to be verified and whether you utilise Protx, Worldpay, Barclays or another, this needs to be dealt with early on as their lead time can be a few weeks.

What technology is Touch built on?

Touch is based on the ASP.NET platform using a SQL Server database. This highest level use of development tools ensures that your system is totally future proof rather than having a PHP programming solution which is normally used by agencies whose developers perhaps have learnt to software develop themselves.

Is Touch search engine friendly?

Yes. Virtually all our clients take their orders from customers who have located their online retail stores using a search engine. The Touch website software includes a number of specific areas that enhance your chances of being listed very high up on search engines. We are not an SEO company and can provide you with details of SEO companies if you want to run affiliations or adWord accounts, but a Touch solution is highly tweaked to ensure that everything possible is done to get you good search engine listing results.

Do you have a demo Touch CMS we can look at?

Sorry, no. As you can appreciate we would like to present the Touch CMS directly in order to show its full potential rather than potential clients not seeing the whole picture. We do have a series of screen shots within the touch CMS section so please take a look at the user interfaces there.

Is the website 100% ours?

Yes. At the end of the project lifecycle we provide you with a CD of your completed website. The Touch CMS solution can be installed on your own servers as well but we do lease you the use of the Touch system.

What is the next step?

How about a coffee and a chat with a demo of Touch but no pressure to commit? Just call us on 01202 798 321 (UK) or email us at ask@onlineretailing.co.uk to arrange a time and place.