Touch UITouch is a professional e-commerce platform which incorporates the latest marketing and product management technology for getting retailers online fast and effectively.

Touch is a complete end-to-end solution dealing with all aspects of running an online retail store. This includes stock control, invoicing, returns, reporting to telephone ordering dealt with by multiple staff. The Touch solution can either be used as a complete entity or in part if you already have systems in place to address particular aspects of the process.

A Touch driven website provides customers with a streamlined approach to finding the products they are looking for as well as simplifying the order process.

Touch comes with an array of standard features but additional bolt-on modules and new modules based on your own specific requirements can be implemented at any point in the future.

Touch screen optimised

Touch has been optimised for a touch-screen monitor as, dependent upon the task, this can make the user interaction between a staff member and the Touch software far more efficient. However, the software also works with a mouse.

Barcode scanning

Barcode ScanningTouch utilises barcode labelling and barcode scanning within two main areas of its software management suite to enable staff to deal with paperwork and stock control more efficiently.

Invoice barcoding

Every invoice/dispatch note that is generated within Touch is provided with a unique barcode. Throughout the order process, the order information can be more easily displayed on screen by scanning the barcode.

Stock control

Every product can have its barcode reference stored within Touch. This enables the product information to be quickly brought up on screen when, for instance, new stock arrives and stock numbers need to be amended.

Printed invoice sheets

Printed Invoice SheetsThe Touch management software will generate an invoice for every order that is processed, either by a web order or directly into the system via a telephone operator.

Each invoice can be reviewed on screen and then printed out for staff processing and subsequently for inclusion within the packaging of an order (optional of course if you currently have your own internal invoice system).

The invoice that is generated is formatted specifically for address label paper that has two detachable panels at the bottom of the sheet. The invoice is initially configured to allow the customer’s invoice and delivery address details to be allocated to these areas but they can also be used for postal stamps or return addresses as well. The invoice sheet is fully customisable for company logos and additional sales messages.