E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

Touch Operator

The key to the success of all our e-commerce clients is the commitment and continued support we offer as your e-commerce partner.

Selling online is about more than just allowing customers to view your products. It is about the relationship you create with your customers as they browse, as they purchase, as they await delivery and after-sales support.

Our e-commerce Touch platform provides you with the business tools you need to run a successful internet business whilst our continued innovation and improvement will help drive those sales further.

We offer three different entry points into the Touch e-commerce platform. The choice is between having a pre-built design all ready to go and the hand-crafted approach which provides a tailored design and user experience specific to your branding.

The majority of our larger e-commerce clients had previously been trading using other e-commerce systems, but found that these systems couldn’t provide enough flexibility to work with internal processes, nor did they innovate quickly enough to put them ahead of the competition.

As Enterprise level clients, Touch was tailored to their business practices and so when increases in sales occurred, Touch was able to grow with them.

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