About Us

Dorset’s e-commerce specialists

We are a specialist e-commerce company based in Dorset and provide the innovative Touch e-commerce platform to retailers.

We are 100% e-commerce focused so unlike traditional web design agencies who may offer a diluted and basic e-commerce service, we offer a range of e-commerce services that work, are tailored to your business needs and are designed to give you the best return for your investment.

Since 2006 we have driven the Touch e-commerce platform forward and are proud to be behind some of the South’s leading retailers such as Peeks the Event Makers and Snowtrax.

We offer a complete e-commerce solution that goes far beyond simply the website, which is just the part the customer sees. An e-commerce solution is about the management of your business and this is where the Touch e-commerce platform excels compared to other services.

Our Lead Consultants

OllyOliver Williams

Oliver Williams brings more than 15 years of experience to Online Retailing having developed e-commerce software and managed national projects for some of the leading companies in the country. Oliver heads up all internal software development work and works closely with clients providing expertise and continued support.

RobRob Havill

Rob Havill has worked alongside many retailers and established companies during the past 10 years. Rob brings a wealth of design and marketing knowledge to Online Retailing. As the lead designer on all e-commerce projects, his experience ranges from tourism and leisure to healthcare, publishing, media, recruitment and property.