06 Jun

E-commerce Legal Requirements

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Keeping it legal when running an e-commerce website

E-commerce Legal RequirementsLaunching and running an online business may seem a world away from the bureaucratic red tape associated with having a high street presence and the stringent regulations that govern the sale of products and services. Rules do exist on the information super highway and it is important that you are aware of these restrictions so you’re not breaking the law.

In the UK there are four important acts, directives and laws that you must comply with if you are selling goods or services online. These are:

  • The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002
  • The Data Protection Act 1998
  • The Distance Selling Act 2000
  • ICO Cookie Law

The first of these, The Electronic Commerce Directive came into force on the 21st August 2002 and lays out the ground rules associated with commercial communication with the customer and the contact information you must provide. The directive states that the term “commercial communication” means a communication, in any form, designed to promote, directly or indirectly, the goods, services or image of any person pursuing a commercial, industrial or craft activity or exercising a regulated profession.

So in essence any wording or image you display which relates to selling goods or services is affected by this directive.

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06 Jun

The Height of Fashion

By admin

Women’s fashion label Tallgirls has just launched its new online store which is powered by the Touch e-commerce platform.

Tallgirls provides female fashion clothing and footwear to those whose height is deemed above average.

Tallgirls Website

Founded in 2001, Tallgirls is now a national retailer and therefore needed a new e-commerce infrastructure to cope with the increasing demand for products, as well as being able to provide better real-time stock management capabilities.

Founder, Joanne McHarg, says:

“The range of products we offer has grown considerably over the past few years and we not only needed a more sophisticated e-commerce solution but also an agency that could support us once implemented. The Touch solution from Online Retailing proved to be the most suitable for both requirements”.

03 Jun

Online Retailing Edition 2

By admin

Online Retailing Edition 2Edition 2 of the OR magazine is about to roll off the printers this week.

The cover article features Nick Peek, Managing Director of Peeks. Founded in 1946 by Charles W Peek, Peeks is still a family owned and family run business that has become a leading European supplier of party goods to the trade and private sector. We sat down with Nick to find out a little more about this incredible family success story.

Also in this publication:

  • Local news bytes
  • E-commerce legal requirements: Keeping it legal when running an e-commerce website
  • A ‘Peek’ behind the scenes: How Peeks The Event Makers process orders
  • Fulfilment solutions
  • A guide to Touch: Part Two
  • E-commerce Q&A
  • 30 second case study: Hart Fly Shop

If you’d like a copy (or several copies) of our magazine, please email us at

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